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Social Justice Team

Social Justice 1

Next Team Meeting: Tuesday, March 3, at 7:30 p.m. in the Splendor of Truth Room.  All are welcome!

This ministry is an outgrowth of the “Year of Encounter with Pope Francis” program that invited parishioners to engage in a series of reflection sessions on Pope Francis’ teaching in “The Joy of the Gospel” about poverty and those who are marginalized or de-valued by society, and how our Catholic faith calls us to encounter them and take action to positively change our world.  The team's work focuses on serving and advocating for the hungry and homeless in our community.



CHOC - Coordinated Homeless Outreach Center  

St. Patrick's Dinner at CHOC


There are ways you can be part of this meaningful outreach:

  • Help prepare a delicious home-cooked dinner for the men and women residing at the CHOC homeless shelter
  • Donate beverages or a home-made dessert
  • Make a financial donation to cover the cost of food

To volunteer your time or resources, contact Jane Selner

St. Rose parishioners undertake a variety of events throughout the year to serve the 50+ adult men and women residing at this emergency housing shelter.  Activities include home-cooked dinners for the residents, movie nights, annual sock & underwear drive, new towel donations and more.  

To volunteer your time or resources, contact Dave Vossen at davossenec@verizon.net or call the parish office at 215-699-4617.


IMG 0938 2


Pictured above: St. Rose parishioners joined with Inter-Faith Housing Alliance staff as a "move crew". The new IFHA van helps to transport families daily. Thank you St. Rose parishioner, Rusty Beardsley, for leading the fundraising effort that enabled I-FHA to acquire the van.

Inter-Faith Housing Alliance

UPCOMING SERVICE PROJECT- Communty Dinner at Hope Gardens MAY 21, 2020. You can help St. Rose as we prepare & delicer a hot, home-cooked dinner for the families living at Hope Gardens (they are working hard to transition from homelessness to independence.)  To donate food or volunteer to cook on May 21, contact Jane selner at jselner@srol.org



THANK YOU to the 74 St. Rose volunteers and many others that supported the summer 2019 Inter-Faith Hospitality Network Buddy Congregation Initiative!

Inter-Faith Housing Alliance - For 3 weeks each summer, St. Rose partners with I-FHA to help shelter, provide a daily dinner meal and transportation for three families that are homeless. Other outreach activities include: providing home-cooked dinners for the families living at Hope Gardens, collecting personal care and other household items needed by families moving from emergency shelter into their own homes, and conducting donation drives for bedding, food and other resources needed by those moving from homelessness to independence.



Social Justice Brother House Clean 1 2017

Parishioners shared a Saturday morning to clean the brother House

Legion of Mary Brother House 

- The 2nd & 4th Thursday each month, St. Rose parish men visit the Brother House in Norristown (6:15-10 pm) to deliver donated snack items and spend time visiting with homeless adult men who come to the Brother House for a time of respite and refreshment. Adult male parishioners are invited to help as visitors. Everyone can be part of this outreach by donating snacks (fruit, fresh-made sandwiches, snack bars and trail mix for 30-40 persons are needed each month.) To donate snacks or join our team of visitors, contact the Parish office at stroselima@srol.org or 215-699-4617.

All that are interested in helping are invited to learn more by contacting team leaders Dave Vossen at davossenec@verizon.net and Mary Reilly at reilly.m@gmercyu.edu