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Dynamic Catholic Education

Reveal Jesus.   Discover Identity.   Belong to the Church

          All information for DCE Classes will be published on this webpage.  


Final review of all Homeschool Portfolios begins in April parent class meetings.  If you need an extension to complete this year's assignments please contact Mrs. Homa.  This will NOT be a problem!  We are happy to continue this learning at home year throughout the spring and early summer if you need the extra time!!! Just let us know. 

srolprep@gmail.com   215-699-4434 


Registration for  2021 - 2022  - Beginning in June 2021

Tentative Dates: June/July  - Sundays  9:30  - 12:00 in the DCE office in the Parish Center 

Forms will also be available in the back of the church that can be mailed in with payment.

We are planning to resume the same format as 2019-2020 if no further Covid - 19 restrictions apply.  While preparation is ongoing, we hope to begin about September 26th.  Additional teachers would be most welcome for all levels.  Teachers must complete PA State Safe Environment training and certification. Classroom aides are also needed. This will fulfill Service Hour requirements for North Penn Schools and all Catholic schools.   Please email Mrs. Homa, (srolprep@gmail.com) or call 215-699-4434 for further information.

         *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *Level Up!*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *_____________

Canon Law requires two years of religious education before the reception of First Holy Communion and Confirmation.  This year not all families were able to participate in the DCE Family Catechetical program. This would prevent some students from reception of the sacraments in the second and seventh grade levels.  To accommodate these students, there will be a program in the mornings only, for three weeks to fulfill the required instruction before entering either Grade Level 2 or Grade Level 7 in the fall of 2021 for reception of the sacraments in 2022.

A 3 week summer program for first grade level students going into second grade/First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion level who did NOT participate in Level 1 DCE Family Catechesis this year will take place in the Parish Center, Monday through Friday, July 11 - 30, from 9:00am to Noon.

A 3 week summer program for sixth grade level students going into seventh grade/Confirmation year level who did NOT participate in Level 6 DCE Family Catechesis this year will take place in the Parish Center, Monday through Friday, August 2 - 20, from 9:00 am to Noon.

Registration fee is $150. Please call 215-699-4434 to make arrangements with Mrs. Homa for your student.



Parent Classes  2020 - 2021

Any family who requires one-on-one updates or Confirmation instruction with Mrs. Homa, Please make an appointment for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday either by email at srolprep@gmail.com or by phone at 215-699-4434. Personal meetings will be in the Grade 2 classroom office with both parties masked and socially distanced.

In-Person Registration forms are available in the Parish Office and with Mrs. Homa in the DCE Office.  Please note that we are going paperless as much as possible to comply with the Guidelines for Social Distancing.

We have texts similar to the Sadlier ones we currently use that have the bonus home and school connections which are necessary in our Social Distancing mode.  In that way there will be sufficient support services  to continue religious instruction guided by the curriculum and with a strong Parent component. Sessions for Parents will be only once a month on Sundays, but other times can be arranged with Mrs. Homa. Parents will receive all necessary materials and support information for a month's time during the session for completion in one month. 

If anyone needs to contact me, please email me at srolprep@gmail.com or leave a voice message at 215-699-4434.

Eileen Homa



Classes in the Parish Center - Sunday  10:30am - 12:00 Noon

 Please bring the Portfolio with you for teacher review and reward stickers!


17         MLK weekend Only Confir7mation class at 1:00 pm.

24         Grades 5 and 6

31         Make-up


             * * * * * * * * * Saint Reports Due for Confirmation / Grade 7 * * * * * * * * * * 


7          Grades 1 and 2

14         Presidents' Day Weekend - no classes

21         Grades 3 and 4

28         Grades 5 and 6


7          Grades 1 and 21414         Grades 3 and 4

21         Grades 5 and 6   

28          Make-up classes with Mrs. Homa


4           Easter - no classes

10          Saturday - First Reconciliation 3:00 pm           Confession for Confirmandi 4:00 pm

11          Grades 1 and 2

13          Confirmation with sponsor 

14          Confirmation - all Confirmandi and sponsors in place 3:00 pm       Mass at 4:00 pm.


18          Grades 3 and 4

25          Grades 5 and 6



First Holy Communion - Sunday masses on 16th and 23rd. (Parent choice-register with Mrs. Homa)