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Prayer Shawl Ministry

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Need a "Hug from God"?

Do you know someone in need of prayer and a “Hug from God?” The Prayer Shawl Ministry can help. Recipients of prayer shawls are prayed for from the first stitch and their special intentions are remembered in prayer by the members of the ministry prayer community.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry meets weekly in the Parish Center on Thursdays at 9:30 AM to knit, crochet and catch up!  The group also meets once a month on Saturday at 9:30 AM to wrap and label shawls and to pray. 

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How does the prayer Shawl Ministry work?

First, identify a relative, friend, neighbor, fellow parishioner, co-worker or other facing a serious challenge – loneliness, illness (physical or emotional), financial issues, fertility, etc.  Shawl recipients share that they feel comfort knowing that people are praying for them and their special intentions. No request is too small: success in school, a job or tuition money, healing of a relationship or any of life’s challenges.

We have rectangular and triangular shawls, shoulder wraps, baby and lap blankets. Some prefer a  mini-shawl that can be tucked into a pocket or backpack, or held during chemotherapy, dialysis or testing. If a pocket-size mini-shawl seems appropriate for them:

  • Stop in the church vestibule and select a mini-shawl from the display box (note: some have a decade of the rosary attached)
  • Write the anonymous special intention on the intention card (attached to the bag containing the mini-shawl) and place the card in the Prayer Shawl Intentions box.

Prayer Shawl 4If you prefer to give them a full-size shawl, lap blanket, baby shawl or scarf, please contact the Parish office at 215-699-4617 with your request. We will arrange a delivery or convenient time for pick-up.

There is no charge.   We ask for your prayers for the continued success of the Prayer shawl Ministry.


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New Ministry members Welcome!

The biggest challenge is supply and demand, so we invite all members of St. Rose to assist in this endeavor. We need help:

  • Knitting, crocheting, sewing and stitching shawls (lessons will be provided if needed)
  • Wrapping and/or delivering shawls
  • You can make a commitment to be part of the Prayer Shawl prayer team
  • You can make a donation to help offset the costs of supplies

All are welcome, regardless of skill level! This is a wonderful opportunity to respond in love to the needs of fellow parishioners. The group meets monthly in the Parish Center to work on the shawls, and label, wrap and store them. A card is included with each shawl explaining the shawl and they are blessed by a priest or deacon. Contact Paul or Ginny Hunter at 215-822-3554 or paulhunter3252@gmail.com 

Our Prayer Shawl Gift Message

PS IMAGE 1May this shawl be a mantle reminding you of God’s sustaining presence. May you be refreshed in your weariness, comforted in your suffering, uplifted in your pain, and consoled in your loneliness. With the shawl around your shoulders, may you feel the hug of God!

St. Rose of Lima Prayer Shawl Community



The Prayer Shawl ministry began in June 2015, and since then, more than 2,000+ shawls have been given out. Shawls have been gifted to a diverse group of recipients: wounded warriors, baby blankets to pregnant wives of deployed military members, and mini-shawls to new soldiers being deployed for the first time. Over 500 have been given in love to St. Rose parish members and their family and friends. Shawls have also been sent afar to Russia, Mexico, Slovakia, and an individual on death-row in Texas.

The various shawls, lap blankets, baby and children’s blankets, and square ‘mini-shawls’ are crocheted and knitted by a small group of volunteers. From the first stitch, the future recipient is in our hearts. A larger group of ministry members comprise a prayer team that also keeps the anonymous petitions in their hearts; praying daily for them.

Shawls are for anyone who might need a hug from God -parishioners, family and friends, neighbors, co-workers and others. This may include people troubled with physical or emotional challenges, illness, loss of job, struggles with school or bullying, and other concerns. All petitions are taken seriously and prayed for faithfully.

The impact of this labor of love has been heartwarming. We receive the kindest notes about how meaningful the shawls have been to people and how their prayers have been answered.

We need you to be our ambassadors by identifying someone you know who is lonely, frightened, suffering or who might be comforted by a pretty shawl and our prayers. Shawls can be gotten from the parish office or by contacting Paul and Ginny Hunter at paulhunter3452@gmail.com or 215-822-3554 to arrange to have one delivered. Mini-shawls are available in the church vestibule.