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St. Rose of Lima Eldercare Assistance Program

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A Geriatric Care Manager can be helpful in the following situations:

  • Concerns about elderly parent’s safety
  • Transitions from a hospital stay or to a nursing home setting
  • Learning what options are available for your loved one
  • Discovering services available in your community

For more information on this FREE service, contact Amy Juarez at St. Rose Eldercare Assistance Program at 215-853-7676 or ajuarez@chs-adphila.org

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St. Rose of Lima Eldercare Assistance Program

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the program for?

  • People at least 60 years of age
  • Children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, and anyone who care for or about an older adult that may need assistance

2. What can the program do for them?

  • Connects them with resources such as home care agencies, housing options, basic needs assistance, etc.
  • Advocates on behalf of the older adults when dealing with medical professionals, follow up on applications, finding resources
  • Coordinates services with various agencies to make sure older adults have their needs met ASAP
  • Helps with transitions from the hospital to short-term rehab to home OR to a higher level of care

3. How does this all happen?

  • Phone conversations to begin an assessment to identify the needs
  • Work with the older adults/family members/professionals from the community on specific issues
  • In-home visits to create care plans and continuation of services
  • No time limit on length of services
  • No cost for the services