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What is stewardship?

Time Talent TreasureAs Christian stewards, we recognize that everything we have, including our talents, our abilities, our loved ones, our resources, our world, our faith, and our very lives are gifts from God. We are the caretakers of these gifts, and as Christ’s stewards we are called to:

  • recieve God's gifts with gratitude
  • cherish and tend to them in a responsible and accountable manner
  • share them with all in justice and love
  • return them with increase to the Lord

The spirituality of stewardship & discipleship is both simple and complex... Simple because God's expectation and Jesus' teachings are clear. Complex because how we, as Catholics living our daily lives in a constantly changing and fast paced modern world, responding to the demands of our jobs, families, friends, organizations and church, live out our discipleship and stewardship can vary from day to day, from moment to moment, as our focuses shift.

But God asks of only one priority — put Him first. If we take time to put Him first, everything else will fall into place.