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Living Again

Living AgainLiving Again, our St. Rose Bereavement Group, is very different from any other bereavement group you're likely to find. We meet once a month, on the third Monday at 3:00 PM in the Parish Center.

There is no minimum nor maximum number of meetings you must attend. You are always free to participant or just observe. We will help you get through your grief by giving you the opportunity to listen and talk with others who are experiencing many of the same feelings you are. Some of our members are experiencing a recent loss. Many, not so recent. There are some in the group that are still dealing with a loss which occurred many years ago.

Over the BridgePerhaps our mission statement says it best. "The mission of the St. Rose Bereavement Group is to assist each other in the healing process following the loss of a loved one. With God’s grace, we will accomplish this through our sharing and caring. We will love and support each other as we return to living life again."

If have lost someone close, we invite you to attend our next meeting at 3:00 PM, in the Father Murphy Room of our Parish Center. Please come and take a look. You may be very surprised at what you see, hear and feel. If you like what you see, join us each month. If not, you've only invested an hour or two. It is our belief that no one need mourn alone.

Contact Larry Hill at larryhill304@gmail.com