Lent Book Study ~ A Map of Life by Frank Sheed


Notes from A Map of Life evening discussion (Chapters 1 through 7) on March 12, 2018.

  1. We spoke about the author of the book. Frank Sheed, an Australian and Protestant at birth, moved to the U.S. He became an attorney at some point, but for most of his career he was a book publisher with his wife. He made the switch to Catholicism and must have felt that a map would help others understand the religion.
  2. After looking at which particular passages “spoke to us” individually, we tackled the big issues the author recommended. For examples, the difference between Spirit and Matter, the distinction between our souls and our bodies, the importance of understanding revelations, the importance of knowing what something is FOR before we can really know what it is, the understanding of moral laws (as well as material laws), his definition of heaven, the all-important concept of SUPERNATURAL LIFE, why the creation and fall were so important, an amazing chapter on the incarnation, why we need to comprehend the “mystical body of Christ,” how we should understand Heaven, what happens at the end time, etc.
  3. We agreed that Sheed used some fine analogies and metaphors. We liked the explanation of purpose. Even though a razor is designed to cut, clearly a razor would be ruined if someone tried to cut down a tree with a razor. It is important to understand Purpose before we can understand what something (including people) is. P. 52 “The purpose of man’s existence is to come to God.”
  4. While there was a feeling that some of the passages were challenging, we all agreed that reading the book has been useful. The book knows its purpose, to be a map for life.


We are looking forward to the next Book Study gathering at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 22, in the St. Rose of Lima Parish Center when we tackle Chapters 8 through 14. Please join us!