Prayer Shawl Ministry Highlighted at Masses on April 14 & 15, 2018


On April 14-15, St. Rose of Lima Parish heard from members of the very active Prayer Shawl Ministry.  They spoke about the beautiful work they undertake to offer hand-made shawls and prayer to anyone in need of a “hug from God”.  Ministry leaders Ginny and Paul Hunter shared these thoughts about the experience of presenting to the congregation and the Parish’s amazing response.


My favorite aspect of the Prayer Shawl Ministry is how collaborative it is.  Ministry members read at mass, others helped after mass, some contributed supplies, knitters created the shawls and another team of helpers wrapped them. And we can’t forget the dedicated members of our prayer team.


We received 33 new prayer intentions and distributed many shawls.  The mini-shawls were a big hit!  Most importantly, people got the message that a prayer team daily uplifts their intentions and their well-being, and that of their families, to our Heavenly Father.  Responses we received from the parish members were sincere; many almost in disbelief that something so simple was in existence at St. Rose parish.


The following day, a woman from north Philly called for a shawl for a baby.  When she came to pick it up, she requested one for a friend diagnosed with Cancer and 14 mini-shawls for others.  She left a list of all their intentions. (She has made two trips, as our inventory of mini-shawls is depleted.)  We have since received four more shawl requests from previous recipients who felt that they benefited from wearing theirs around their shoulders, and gave out 10 shoulder wraps to members of Living Again, the St. Rose parish bereavement group.


Surprise, surprise — we have been blessed with at least 20 new shawls that have been labeled, blessed and made ready for packaging at our next group meeting.  I feel that the Holy Spirit is the director of our little operation, reminding us to trust in His Divine Providence – manifested once again in His version of supply and demand.


Click HERE to learn more about the Prayer Shawl Ministry and how you may help spread the love of Christ!